Frank Halmans

20 Nov. till 19 Dec.

Over the past 1.5 years, Frank Halmans has been working on new, mostly sculptural, spatial works. Despite the fact that time sometimes seems to slip away from us, Halmans manages to create spaces that actually manage to embrace or capture time. Our memory, time, space, memory and the ordinary are beautifully and poetically designed. Who else than Frank Halmans is more appropriate to inaugurate the new gallery. If anyone can imagine memories of spaces or experiences you can have there, it is him. In this exhibition Halmans shows new sculptures, collages and study drawings.

New Gallery and Café

Opening hours:

Gallery: Wednesday till Sunday – 12:00 till 06:00 PM

NAR café der kunsten: Wednesday till Sunday – 12:00 till 00:00

during covid restrictions till 08:00 PM 


29/30 Jan. expositie HKU

opening 29 Jan. 03:00 PM

5/19 Feb. The Books Happen

opening 12 Feb. 04:00 PM with DJ DNA

22/ 27 Feb. MonoMania with UNdog live performance 

GEBILDE  Frank Halmans

20 Nov. till 19 Dec.

Frank Halmans






Nijverheidsweg 6
3435 AM Utrecht


Opening hours

Wednesday till Sunday

12:00 till 06:00 PM

and on appointment