1985, Delft, The Netherlands, works in Berlin, Kalkhorst and Amsterdam

Van den Broek is known for his huge, multi-layered paintings and collages. History, underground, punk, sex, romanticism, architecture, traveling and people are mostly the subjects of his work . His fascination of the urge of people to strive for safety and freedom simultaneously and the deconstruction that normally follows. In the organic process of Van den Broek, his paintings are constantly transforming.┬áVan den Broek’s work has a special process. Sometimes work can be edited or modified several times. Only when it hangs on the wall, at the gallery or at the collectors home, does the process stop. It may therefore be that the work that you saw earlier will be reflected in another work. Van den Broek is averse to conferences, rules and civility. He lives his work. Sometimes rough and wild, then romantic and full of love. Aldo van den Broek makes sculptures, drawings, paintings and collages.



Nijverheidsweg 6
3534 AM Utrecht


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