Friday September 13 till Sunday October 13

The first exhibition is a group presentation of artists Galerie Larik is going to work with in the future. This presentation is a summary of the upcoming exhibitions. All the artists will be presenting their work in solo, duo or more presentations in the next exhibitions in Galerie Larik. Sometimes together, sometimes with new artists. The artists in this first exhibition are Aldo van den Broek, Nik Christensen, Vincent Dams, Ksenia Galiaeva, May Heek, Hamid El Kanbouhi, Henny Overbeek, Paul Segers and Toon Teeken. They will present all kinds of different disciplines. Painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, collages, installation and video


Art The Hague stand 42

2 Oct to 6 Oct
Hamid El Kanbouhi, Henny Overbeek and Toon Teeken

An unexpected conversation between artists in a clear setting. Galerie Larik is presenting three artists with different backgrounds, but they have in common the urgency and energy of their works.

'sgoed jongen

Vincent Dams & Toon Teeken
19 October to 16 November 2019

An exhibition of Vincent Dams and Toon Teeken. Teeken was before the teacher of Dams and is now a big admirer. This cooperation will be surrealistic and confusing, but also a great experience.

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